1. Grab a 6 ounce cappuccino cup and add 1 or more single servings of Le Herbe's D8 Café Mocha powder into your cup.
  2. Grind fresh roasted espresso beans (7 days old) with a Anfim grinder and weigh precisely 18g. Add fresh grounds into your portafilter basket, distribute with a WDT tool, and tamp using a PUQ press or hand tamper. Carefully place the portafilter back into your La Marzocco espresso machine and pull a shot of rich espresso into your cappuccino cup for 30 seconds or until you get 40g out.
  3. Stir the espresso shot, powder and crema with a clean spoon until thoroughly mixed.
  4. Grab a milk frothing pitcher and add 120mL of your favorite plant, nut, or dairy milk. Place the pitcher under your steam wand until you hear a hiss, wait 5-6 seconds, and now your silky smooth like the Zohan.
  5. Pour your smooth and creamy milk into your cappuccino cup that contains espresso + D8 Café Mocha. Add latte art and fresh grated chocolate if you want to flex like Chef Joshua Weissman.
  6. Enjoy with your friends and family.
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